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AH Mummy trip

Yesterday, I went with my friends from American Humanics to the Mummy exhibit in Mobile. We took a charter bus and watched “educational” videos about Egypt. Then we broke out “The Mummy,” and we were all happy. :)
At noon, we saw an IMAX presentation of “The Mysteries of the Nile.” It was very interesting. It was a bunch of people rafting down the Nile. It made me kinda sea-sick though.
Then we went to the Mummy exhibit hosted by the British Museum. We watched a 3-D show about inspecting the mummy. It was pretty cool because we went through the CAT scan and all the other scientific stuff. The guys that were embalming him (he was a special priest) made a big mistake; they left a bowl to catch resign to dry! It was stuck to his head! They tried to get it off but all they managed to do was take off a chunk of the back of his head. So they left it!
Then we got to see a whole bunch or artifacts. We saw some burial blocks and statues. There were some organ jars and pretty blue ceramics. I don’t think about blue when I think of Egypt. Then there was the mummy itself. We were disappointed because the mummy is still in its inner sarcophagus. The people at the museum claim it’s because the mummy is too damaged when they unwrap him. That is why we saw the 3-D movie.
But it was still neat. We also saw the various talismans they put in the mummy.
I got a pair of earring with Isis on them. They are very pretty. Then two of my friends and I went to the Picklefish for lunch. They had great cheese fries.
So it was lots of fun. Next year they are doing a Pompeii exhibit and Tink want to take everyone to that.

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