Rachel (oomph) wrote in aumplace,

Resident Life

Hi everyone, technically I'm new here but I am posting for a friend who is attending AUM coming up in August (International Student). Hopefully you guys can help me get a few questions answered so I can give her some information back. These questions pertain mostly to resident students.

- How do you like Resident life? My friend is living in the West Courtyards. Are there things she should be aware of? What are the perks about living on res. and the not so perky parts. (Good to know both for balance)

- For the cases where you are sharing a double room (I guess you could call it) with three other people, do you find sharing a bathroom and kitchen difficult?

- Do you find it difficult to share a room with someone else? I guess it also depends if you get along with your roomate and what not as well. How different was it for you to share your room with someone else? What are the problems with that, if any?

- What appliances are already in a double room? (Kitchen appliances, tv...etc)

- Are there wireless hotspots around the campus? And in residence? My friend has purchased a laptop with Wireless capabilities, so it would be good to know if she would be able to wirelessly connect. Especially from her dorm room. If not available from the dorm room, should she come with a cable so she can plug herself in, to use the internet?

- What would you highly recommend for her to bring that may not be listed on the "Remember to Bring..." list?

Thank you for your help in advance!
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